That’s great too!

If you’ve figured it out and are “in the zone” with your life, that’s great. We’ll call you the practitioner and learn from you.

If you’ve figured it out and feel it’s just a question of time, that’s great. Nothing like learning to live through the process everyday.

If you’ve figured it out and are just becoming a practitioner, that’s great too. I wish you patience and fun while you optimize.

If you’ve just figured out what needs to be done, but haven’t hit your stride, that’s really great. I couldn’t be more excited for you. I’m in this phase too.

If you’re still figuring it out, that’s more than great – it’s fantastic. More power to you, you never know where the realization will come from! Just know that it won’t be from the fences.

If you haven’t figured it out, relax. Experiences and wisdom can be in any order. Go crazy with your plans, take a leap of faith and give it your all.

If you feel you don’t need to figure it out – that’s the best, really. You’re way more ahead of the gang then you know!

So wherever you are in your journey of figuring it out, that’s great 🙂

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