If you’d like to know how I wound up here, you can check out my story.

In any case, there isn’t a lot more to know about me but for the fact that I’ve had a pretty uneventful run spanning education and work.

Until January 2016.

I had been harboring all the classic millennial predicaments for a long time – feeling like an impostor at my job, the now famous “Fear of Missing Out” (FOMO), a feeling that a magical “calling” will unexpectedly land on my lap, and the chief protagonist – a yearning to pursue some creative work stream to see if it could be a sustainable vocation.

Through a series of books, blogs and podcasts that I was lucky to bump into, I had something of a mental breakthrough or transformation between January 2016 and June 2017. Successful folks across disciplines seemed to be talking about a surprisingly similar set of assets that helped them in their journey.

It was like there was an insiders club of seekers who knew the fundamental design to living a more wholesome and rewarding life.

Which isn’t to say that they didn’t go through their share of travails and frustrations, but there definitely appeared to be rules to the game that somehow I had been completely oblivious to during my years as a student and working professional.

I did, however, feel a wee bit like Chris Gardener walking into the bustling NY street after getting his job in The Pursuit of Happyness !! Maybe everyone knows this stuff, I reasoned at first. But as I ploughed on, the realizations seemed to point towards a deep and recurring pattern of self-sabotage that I had subconsciously adopted. There was a lot of “unlearning” to be done – biases, fears and unhelpful beliefs would have to be weeded out methodically. But most importantly,  I seemed to have a blueprint to truly turn a page in my life and embrace growth and learning.

What the book is about

I believe that the most essential education needed to survive in this world – a mental survival kit of sorts, is not taught in a structured way anywhere.

Some of us are blessed with conscious parents who work with their kids on these areas, others are lucky to land on great mentors who take them under their wings and an even smaller group of people develop their inner awareness and act upon themselves to bring about the positive change they seek.

A large chunk of us, however, just end up relying on a series of serendipitous experiences to arrive at this understanding only by mid-age.

In any event, I feel learning how to work with yourself and your environment,  is too important a part of your life to be left to chance.

This book is my attempt at bringing together an interesting set of mind-tools; a design for building a robust, personal operating system of your own.

Truth be told, I’m discovering a lot as I think, read and write about these themes. My selfish interest here lies in the personal application of everything I intend to write about here, through the course of this exercise. I’ll keep updating this page with new content as I make progress. Wish me luck!