Hey! My name is Arvind Menon. I’m 31 years old. Grew up in various cities around India. Now settled in Bangalore. Married right, thankfully 🙂

Been working in various capacities as a Technology Evangelist (Sales, Product Marketing, Program Management) for almost 10 years.

I’m writing this blog primarily to share my thoughts and educate myself on the things I care about, so please don’t take anything I say here too seriously 😀 – my perspective purely comes from a bit of reading and having gone through the corporate grind!

Personal Journey

Introvert at heart, my younger years were a mix of social anxiety, academic indifference and all sorts of hidden fears! As a result, I developed a lot of unhelpful attitudes and beliefs over the years. While it was the fear of failure and being “found out” in public that dominated my younger years, lack of application, procrastination and excessive indulgences have been the prevalent themes in the “adult” life.

Self-inquiry and reading have been helpful companions in identifying some of these tendencies over the last few years. And while there is still a lot of work to be done, attempting to “unlearn” some of these attitudes has been a profoundly transformative experience for me. I’ve also slowly learnt to be comfortable in my own skin, which has been incredibly liberating.

One of the main reasons for writing this blog is my belief that with better inputs and deliberate change, your journey of self-discovery doesn’t have to be as labored as mine turned out to be. In essence, isn’t life as simple or complicated as we make it out to be?

Do take a minute to check out my blog articles and a primer on the eBook I’m conceptualizing.